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Raised Bed Gardening

Like most people you may be limited on space but still want to grow your own vegetables. One method many people are using is called Raised Bed Gardening. I spoke about this way of growing vegetables in my previous post titled Different Vegetable Garden Designs. This approach to vegetable gardening is beginning to catch on with a number of gardening enthusiasts for several reasons:

Raised Bed Gardens

  • are easy to maintain
  • give an aesthetic value to your lawn
  • convenient to reach vegetables for planting, weeding and harvesting
  • vegetable crops can be rotated easily from season to season

The list can go on and on but needless to say you can understand why this method of growing your own vegetables has grown in popularity.

A raised bed garden can be varied in size and shape. You may choose to plant your vegetables in a long narrow rectangular shaped box, a single square shaped box or even a round circular shaped raised bed garden could fit your needs. The size and shape is determined by your individual preferences for the shape and how much space you have available for planting your vegetable garden.

Having a raised bed vegetable garden makes it easy for you to walk around so that you can tend to each of your vegetable plants. The soil in these raised bed boxes or circles is usually a foot deep. The length depends on your individual space but typically raised bed vegetable gardens are about two feet wide. This way you are able to reach across the bed making it easy to plant your vegetables and weed between the vegetable plants.

There are many different raised bed garden designs that you can choose from. One option is that you may choose to build your own raised bed garden box. As an alternative there are raised bed garden kits that you may decide to purchase for yourself. I never realized just how many designs and configurations there were for raised bed gardening until I did a little research of my own.

I came across a site that had different options to choose from for my raised bed garden. I really liked that the materials they used to make the raised bed garden kits were eco-friendly. See what I mean by clicking on the image link below.

4'x4' Two Board Raised Planter Bed/Sandbox

I think that we have found just the raised bed garden kit that we are looking for to help our granddaughters get started with their first experience with vegetable gardening. If you have limited space as the girls do at their home; raised bed vegetable gardening may be just what you are looking for to grow your own vegetables this season. Why not take a look for yourself? You just may see something you like.

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